Moonlit Promise (The Goddess Redemption Series, #3)

Moonlit Promise (The Goddess Redemption Series, #3) - Kelli Lockheart In the latest edition of The Goddess Redemption, Artemis is place into her own creation...the shifter. The Unul Pur is the only female shifter that is able to have offspring. Every season, all the shifters travel to the region where the Unul Pur resides and petition for her as a mate. The lucky Unul Pur this season is Titiana and from day one she feels like she is searching for a particular person but not sure who. Luca is the beta of his wolf pack and is being sent to petition for his alpha Buru. While at the camp waiting for his turn to meet Titiana, Luca gets his memories back of his true identity. He is not sure if Artemis is also in a shifter's body but has to work to stay calm so the shifters do not catch his scent. At the time that Luca's memory returns, Titiana gets her memories back as well. She has to work hard to remember her current role as the Unul Pur and continue the pursuit of finding a mate. When Luca and Titiana meet they are both unsure of each other until the arrow appears in Luca's bag. Their memories of each other return very early in this story and the challenge that Artemis has to overcome is trust.

In the beginning I was unsure of the series because of the way To Cast a Stone ended. Right when the story started to pick up, the book was over. By Spellbound, I was able to understand that Aphrodite only implants Artemis and Orion's memories into each person for a short time. Once Artemis was able to beat the challenge it was time to move on. What I am interested to see is when Artemis comes out with the truth behind why Orion is now a mortal. He has not asked the question but he does know that they are being tested. (His reaction should be interesting.)