Spellbound (The Goddess Redemption Series, #2)

Spellbound (The Goddess Redemption Series, #2) - Kelli Lockheart In this installment of The Goddess Redemption, Artemis is reincarnated into a witch named Sara. Sara stays in a small village that is constantly attached by the shifters. Sara has been able to protect the village the best she could with a potion but she is running low on supplies. Victor is a hunter that has a passion for killing shifters. This is an unheard of action because the shifters are so hard to kill. Victor has a secret weapon though and it's an arrow that was given to him by an old woman.(We now know is Aphrodite.) Victor has been hearing tells about a town that has a practicing witch. While Sara was out on a mission to find more supplies, she is rescued from a shifter attack by Victor. Once again these two know each other but don't know why. They have both been having dreams about a past life together but can't bring themselves to believe them. This next challenge that Artemis is faced with is her jealousy. Sara has a younger sister that grabs the attention of all men and even women of the town. Sara has to overcome feeling inadequate before she can open up to the true feelings she has for Victor. When their memories are finally returned, Orion is going to have to set Artemis straight.

I am so happy I continued the series because I get the direction it's going in. After To Cast a Stone, I was afraid that I was not going to enjoy the series but I was WRONG! I like how Kelli is writing the books in sections to show the battle that Artemis has to endure in order to get redemption. There should probably be a series like this for all the Gods. I am a fan of Orion because he loves Artemis to death and that's all a girl ever wants. I'm excited that I have the next book, Moonlit Promise, because I want to read about the next challenge.