To Cast a Stone (The Goddess Redemption Series, #1)

To Cast a Stone (The Goddess Redemption Series, #1) - Kelli Lockheart If you love Greek Mythology, this is the series for you. In To Cast a Stone, we get to learn why the Goddess Artemis has to start on the road to redemption.

This story starts with us finding out that Artemis has found her true love and the person she has given her virginity to, Orion. Artemis being the goddess of the hunt has found he true match in Orion with him also being a hunter. These two are deeply in love and decide to get married. One night on a hunting expedition, Artemis express how she has grown bored with the current game and how she has a new prey in mind. The prey that Artemis created for herself and her lover are the shifters. She made them in all different types of animal like the bear and wolf but the trick is that only a God can kill the animal. After her creation, Artemis went with the God of Love Aphrodite to prepare for marriage ceremony. What no one was prepared for was for Apollo to stage a scene of Orion with another woman. Unfortunately for Artemis, she was too fast to react and killed her true love before she could find out the truth. Even though the situation was not Artemis' fault, Zeus still blames her because she is too headstrong and has no patience. In an attempt to teach Artemis a lesson, Zeus encased her in stone to live her life watching time pass with no memory of her pass but to always look for a love that is dead. What Zeus did not plan was for Aphrodite to put her two cent into the spell and have Orion to be reincarnated each lifetime as a human.

Alexis is the stone women that resides in a temple that people view upon daily but she is unable to connect with them. Alexis has no understanding why she is being punished to watch happiness walk pass her every day until an old woman comes into the temple and breaks the stone. As Alexis tries to understand this new world, she encounters Galen. Galen is a shop owner that is surprised to find Alexis in his shop stealing clothes. When they see each other it's like they know one another but not sure of themselves. While they may be unsure of each other, the shifters are aware the Artemis is back amongst the living. As Alexis and Galen get closer, they start to tap into memories until they finally figure out their true identities. This first challenge that Artemis has to overcome is her anger.

I get the storyline but this was not my favorite book. I didn't like how it just ended out of nowhere. As soon as I got vested into the book, it was over. I did like how much of the back story we received and I think that was the purpose of this book. This was like the prologue for the series. If the reader does not get this book first, they will be lost through the entire series. I was not a fan but will continue the series to see how things go.