Beautiful Stranger (Beautiful Bastard, #2)

Beautiful Stranger  - Christina Lauren, Jonathan R. Cole, Grace Grant I love Max Stella!!!! Goodness that man rocked my world. In Beautiful Stranger, we get a chance to meet Max Stella and Sara Dillion. It is funny how this series worked out because Max is an old college friend of Bennett Ryan and Sara is best friends with Chloe Mills. Sometimes in series you lose out on how past characters are developing as the series continues so I was very happy to still get some Bennett and Chloe.

Sara Dillion is a broken hearted woman that has had enough of her cheating boyfriend, so she packs up and moves to New York City in hopes to start a new life. Sara was quickly able to find a job working in the Marketing Department of Bennett's company and had no thoughts of finding or starting a new relationship. She had no idea going to a night club would lead to her finding Mr. Right and Lord, did Mr. Right rock her world and show her how a women should be treated. On a side note, Grace Grant reads as Sara and does an awesome job. She has the perfect voice to bring the character to life in your mind. Even though she also read Beautiful Bastard, she was able to give Sara a different edge from Chloe. I look forward to seeing how she transforms future characters.

The sexy Max Stella is a British native that resides in New York City and is big on Wall Street. Max is known around town for getting around and for changing women as much as he changes his underwear. Max has yet to meet the woman of his dreams so having a flavor of the month is no big deal for him until he meets Sara at the bar that changes his outlook all together...and that's not just because he got the cookie while at the bar. Side note, Jonathan R. Cole is the man and I could listen to this man talk to me all day! Due to Max having a British accent, Jonathan was able to sound like he was born and raised in England....I wonder if he is actually from England. I have no words to express how much I loved this man's voice. If I ever met a guy named Max that sounds like Jonathan Cole, I think my clothes will magically fall off.

I so loved Beautiful Stranger. The intimate moments that Max and Sara have are what dreams are made of....well my dreams. Max is able to let Sara explore her kinky side without judgment and absolute total gratification. Goodness, there was a scene that happened in a library that I would love to explore if I could find myself a Max. This book had a great balance of story and sex. The sex was not the typical touch it, lick it, suck it, and bang it. These sex scenes had flare. Believe me, I in no way am going to run to the nearest library and get down and dirty....but goodness a girl could dream! This is the book women would want their men to read to get some ideas about getting a little kink in their life.I'm giving this one 5 notes, 5 flames!