Kaleidoscope - Kristen Ashley Kaleidoscope encompasses everything that I love about Kristen Ashley's books! It's intense, sexy, has HOT alpha males demanding full attention from the women in their lives, and is just downright heart melting! The thing I loved most about this book was, Jacob (Deck) and Emme were long-time friends before they gave into their desire to be with one another. Deck readily admitted he spent years pining after Emme's best friend, who wasn't worth his time, and couldn't appreciate what he had to offer. Even more, I absolutely LOVED how Jacob helped Emme come to terms with what happened in her childhood, and guided her through the trauma, so that she could let her walls down and ultimately learn to love and just plain ole LIVE.

Unlike with Jagged, Kaleidoscope gives readers back the balance of mystery and suspense that we have come to love in Kristen Ashley's Colorado Mountain Series. I enjoyed the buildup to the big reveal of what happened in Emme's past, and also the mystery surrounding the local thief ring that caused local law enforcement to seek Jacob's unique PI skills! The one thing I will say was a bit disturbing to me in this book was Jacob forcing Emme to say she loved him during sex. I'm a strong believer that expressing something as important as "I LOVE YOU" should be done when the person feels comfortable with saying the words and not coerced under duress. Other than that, I love the book and will be looking forward to what comes next! 4.5 Notes and 5 Flames for this one!

A copy of Kaleidoscope was provided to me in exchange for an honest review.