Westin's Chase (Titan #3) (Volume 3)

Westin's Chase - Cristin Harber Westin's Chase is book 3 in Cristin Harber's Titan Series, and while I didn't love it the way I did with the first 2 books, it was still a really good read! I think my biggest problem with Jared and Sugar's love story is, it was just tooo unbelievable. The 2 characters only had a couple encounters in the previous book, and even then there was no real connection. Jared thought Sugar was attractive and Sugar thought Jared was cute in a big bear kinda way, but readers didn't really get a love connection.

Well when Westin's Chase starts off, Sugar has fled her peaceful life to tag along on a military op seemingly to escape her attraction to Jared. WTF, where did that come from?

Once i got over the 2 not having a connection in the other books, I did enjoy their bantering back and forth. Sugar's snarky comments and her refusal to follow Jared's every command was refreshing. I also enjoyed Sugar's relationship with the child she rescues during the military op. While their interactions were brief, when they did spend time together, their conversations were heart warming. Harber also gives readers a more in depth look at Jared's 2nd in command, Brock Gamble. I'm psyched about getting my hands on his book because his actions in Westin's Chase has some serious repercussions for the future of the team and his role in future books!

All in all it was a good solid read that I enjoyed, but didn't LOVE! I'm giving it 3 notes and 4 flames.

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