Razing Kayne (Volume 1)

Razing Kayne - Julieanne Reeves

5 Notes and 5 Flames!  Razing Kayne is an Intense, Heart-breaking, Hope filled, Insane Ride....but worth every minute!

This review will be short and sweet because there are so many landmines of spoilers that even trying to give a brief description of what happens can spoil the whole book.  What I will say is Razing Kayne was one of the most gut wrenching, heart stopping books I have read in my whole reading history, and it starts with the first chapter in the book!  Being a therapist, this book pulled at so many of my various heart strings and left me not knowing what to do with myself! Both Jessica and Kayne have permanent scars left from previous marriages and through fate and soul searching devotion, these two find a way to make their relationship work.  Seeing Kayne blossom under the attention of Jessica was awe inspiring and downright beautiful.  Kayne gave Jessica everything that he wasn't allowed to give his previous wife, while also healing the wounds left by her late husband.
Hats off to Julieanne Reeves for tackling so many of the issues faced by individuals in our society that often go undisclosed and are definitely not up for discussion. If your in the mood for an emotional ride and need a reason to binge out on the couch, pick up a copy of Razing Kayne!  This one gets 5 Notes and 5 Flames!