Getting Rowdy

Getting Rowdy - Lori Foster Holy Shyte Lori Foster outdid herself with Getting Rowdy!  Since listening to Run the Risk, I have been waiting for Rowdy's story and it did NOT disappoint.  Foster starts Getting Rowdy with the opening of Rowdy's bar and as usual, Rowdy is up to his old know charming the women, chasing after Avery, and being everybody's savior.  All things we love about his character.

Avery Mullins has been working at the raunchy bar for nearly a year. During that time, she has seen everything from illegal drug deals, human tracking rings, women who prostitute themselves, and lets not forget her first encounter with Rowdy Yates.  Determined to escape a life of luxury and make her own way while also running from her past, Avery is determined to not fall prey to Rowdy's charms.  There's just one problem....he's already gotten under her skin and the more she gets to know him, the more captured she becomes!

<!--more-->Getting Rowdy has so many elements that really appealed to my soul.  Rowdy by nature is a protector...I mean he spent years protecting his sister Pepper from their abusive parents, only to have to continue being her white knight in adulthood when she witnesses a murder.  So when Avery starts to receive threatening phone calls, Rowdy does what he does best....investigates and hounds Avery until she tells him the truth.  Even more, Rowdy's ability to recognize other abused children and reach out just brought me to tears.  The scenes with Marcus, the kid Rowdy rescues from an abusive dad were just heart wrenching. 

This book has everything you'll love in a romantic suspense....HOT Sexy hero, action, adventure, a mystery to solve, and a worthy heroine.  If you're a fan of the previous books by Lori Foster, Getting Rowdy is not to be missed.  As usually, Jim Frangione does an outstanding job of narrating the characters.  He has just the right type of voice to portray the alpha male characters while also doing an excellent job of narrating the female roles.  Don't believe me, check out a clip from the book below!  I'm giving Getting Rowdy 4 Notes and 4 Flames!