Darkness Rises

Darkness Rises - Dianne Duvall Welcome to the fourth book in the Immortal Guardian series. This book left me wanting so much more. In Darkness Rises, we get to the story of the immortal ??tienne (henceforth referred to as ATM cause spelling his name and pronouncing his name is beyond me!) and the gifted female Krysta. Let me give you a brief history on them both.

??tienne, ummm ATM has been an immortal for over two centuries and fights alongside his twin brother Richart, whom I call Richard, and sister Lisett. I am so happy I listened to the other books because without having had the audiobook version, I would have been clueless to pronouncing the difficult names!While ATM is out on a patrol he stumbles across a chick coming out of a frat house appearing drunk. To his surprise, chick was not drunk but actually playing as bait to get the attention of vampires. ATM stood back to watch the fight for a little while just to see what this